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Cisco – Setup 877W

You need to bridge the wireless interface and the Switch Virtual Interface( SVI). This is done by configuring each with a bridge group number the same as a Bridge Virtual Interface (BVI) number.

Since the wireless express configuration has assigned bridge group number 1 already, you just need to create BVI 1 and then configure InterfaceVlan 1 for bridge group 1.

Using the SDM is probably easiest. Click Configure, Interfaces and Connections, Edit Interface Connections. Click to highlight Vlan 1, click Edit and select the Connection tab. Click the drop down for Configure and select VLAN for IRB to change from VLAN for Routing. Enter 1 for Create new Bridge Group and enter IP address and mask ofInterface Vlan1 ( and Click the NAT tab and configure for Inside. Click OK to apply. Click Yes to continue when advised that the same IP address as Vlan1 is being used.

Cisco – recover corrupt IOS with rommon

install TFTP server on your pc and copy the IOS bin file to the tftp server directory

Now from rommon run the following commands> (Rommon will only be avail if the cisco router cant boot)

rommon> set
TFTP_FILE={the name of the IOS that is saved on the PC}