Building a Knife Filing Jig

After watching many YouTube videos and visiting various forums I decided to give knife making a go. The first step was to work out what tools I needed to make a basic knife. After doing some searching I found a simple drop point knife can be made with nothing but some appropriate steel and a flat bastard file. I sourced my steel (15n20) from a local supplier and got to work sorting out what tools I required to get started.
Through my research I found a awesome tutorial on building a knife filing jig to assist with cutting in the bevel and shaping the blade. I set off to bunnings with a list of gear to get myself started. I purchased the gear required and quickly got to work assembling my knife filing jig as per this great tutorial from Gough Custom.
Knife Filing Jig
Here is the end product. A bit rough but should do the job.
Knife Jig

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